China supplier Plastic Gearbox Mini Geared Motor TGP01S-A130 with Free Design Custom

Plastic Gearbox Mini Geared Motor TGP01S-A130

  • TGP plastic gears gearbox plus A130 permanent magnet DC motor
  • small size dc gear motor with low speed and big torque
  • suitable to small diameter, low noise, and big torque application
  • reduction ratio: 48,120,180,220,288

Characters of Mini Geared Motor

  • Small size dc gear motor with low speed and big torque
  • Suitable for small diameter. Low noise and big torque application
  • Reduction ratio: 48、120、180、220、288
  • Single shaft. Small size 18.7mm*22.3mm*64.5mm
  • DC plastic gear motor with low speed and big torque

Gear motor dimension (mm)

Application: Robot, Toys, Remote Control Toy cars, etc.

Mini Geared MotorTechnical Data

Motor model No Rated voltage
No-load speed
No-load current
Stall torque
Stall current
TFE-130RA-12215 6.0 11500 120 20 0.85
TFE-130RA-14175 3.0 8000 120 13 0.70
TFE-130RA-18100 3.0 11500 250 20 1.80

Gear Motor Technical Data:

Gearbox with motor:TGP01S-A130-12215-XXX
Reduction ratio: 48  120  180  220  288
No-load speed rpm: 230  90  60  50  38
Max. momentary tolerance torque 0.7   1.4   2.0   2.2   2.8

Gearbox with motor

Reduction ratio: 48  120  180  220  288
No-load speed rpm: 150  60  40   33  25
Max. momentary tolerance torque 0.5   0.9   1.2   1.4   1.8

Reduction ratio: 48  120  180  220  288
No-load speed rpm: 230   90   60   50   38
Max. momentary tolerance torque 0.7   1.4   2.0   2.2   2.8

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What is a DC Motor?

A Direct Current (DC) motor is a rotating electrical device that converts direct current, of electrical energy, into mechanical energy. An Inductor (coil) inside the DC motor produces a magnetic field that creates rotary motion as DC voltage is applied to its terminal. Inside the motor is an iron shaft, wrapped in a coil of wire. This shaft contains 2 fixed, North and South, magnets on both sides which causes both a repulsive and attractive force, in turn, producing torque. ISL Products designs and manufactures both brushed DC motors and brushless DC motors.  We tailor our DC motor’s size and performance to meet your desired specs.

Mini Geared Motor selection process

Need help determining the motor suitable for your application? Check our motor selection guide or visit the ISL motor database.
In the conceptual design stage, the motor selection process may be challenging, but our engineers will help. We provide concierge services for all DC motor and gear motor projects. Our team of engineers works with you to provide the best component solutions. The following points can help you determine and select the most suitable motor or gear motor for our application.

▎Design requirements – the design evaluation stage of studying product development requirements, design parameters, equipment functions, and product optimization.

▎Design calculations – calculations used to determine which motor is best suited for your application. The design calculation determines the transmission ratio, torque, rotating mass, service factor, suspension load, and test analysis.

▎Type of DC motor/gear motor – the most common motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. These types of motors are powered by direct current (DC).

▎Motor Specifications – Once the design calculations are performed, and the application parameters are defined, you can use this data to determine which motor or gear motor will best fit your application. Some of the most common specs to consider when selecting a motor or gear motor would be:

    • Voltage
    • Current
    • Power
    • Torque
    • RPM
    • Life Expectancy / Duty Cycle
    • Rotation (CW or CCW)
    • Shaft Diameter and Length
    • Enclosure Restrictions